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JMS Menu Marketing is a full-service menu marketing company that specializes in custom kids menus and menu design and engineering. This is all we do and we have been successful at it for the past 20 years. JMS has only one goal in mind, to create the “Perfect Dining Experience” for our customers and to make them more profitable. We supply and service thousands of customers from Carnival Cruise Lines and Cheney Brothers Food Distributors to Atlantis Paradise Islands and Lucille’s Bad to the Bone. No matter how large or small your company is, we can help you.
Our talented and experienced design team works directly with each customer to not only educate them, but to help incorporate unique design concepts, profitable item placement, and creative strategies so as to create that perfect menu.
Your menu, whether it is for kids or adults, is the main representation of your restaurant as well as your most important sales tool. It is basically a snap shot of your restaurant. When a customer sits down and reads your menu, you want them to have that "Perfect Dining Experience" which will make them come back again and recommend you to their friends and family. Once we create that image and experience for you, you will start seeing bigger profits as soon as you start using your menus.
The bottom line is that you will see a return on your investment right away. You owe it to your business to contact us and find out why we have been so successful for all of our customers.

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